Lawrence Phenix Spring Slugfest

It’ s not as easy as it used to be
The words never seem to come out quite right
But the emotion will never change you see
Even when we fight.
No matter what may occur
Even if we are near or far
I can only infer
Just how special your are.
You see it’s always going to be there
Even when I’m not
This emotion that we share
Can and never will be forgot

We would like to honor the memories of 3 young ladies who were a part of our Phenix family and who now

look down upon all of the young ladies who have the privilege to play softball.

Patty Heitzman, Krystal Bateson, Kylee Jo Mader

Patty Heitzman

October 1, 1966 - October 11, 1986

Patty played for the Lawrence Lancers which was part of the Phenix organization before all team names changed over to Lawrence Phenix.

Patty played for coach Randy Fyler and she was an outstanding outfielder and catcher.  Patty attended Eudora High School.

Randy recalls Patty by saying “In all of the years that I have coached and taught, I had never had a harder working more dedicated individual than Patty.  Patty was always friendly, pleasant and got along well with everyone and supported all of her teammates and coaches”.

Patty was killed October 11, 1986 in an insane act of violence at the formal wear store she was working.

We would like to thank Patty’s parents Paul and Marilyn for all of the years of support for the Phenix organization.


Krystal Lynne Bateson

July 2, 1990 - June 3, 2004

We were the parents that wanted our kids to try to get involved in many activities and sports at a young age to see what their interests might be later.  We even coached them in some of their sports which made it more fun for us as a family.  We had a son (David) and a daughter (Krystal) who were very close in age and very close as siblings.  They both were involved in 4-H and that resulted in many projects and fun for all of us. 

They went to school at Vinland Elementary and then onto Baldwin Jr. High.  Krystal had many friends and one of her best friends from Vinland was Callie Craig.  They had played softball together in a Baldwin Recreation League and then Callie tried out for a Phenix team.  I believe it was the next year, she asked Krystal to try out for her team.  Their coach was Jay Rusk. 

At that time, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but it turned out to be a wonderful organization and we were all a big family!  The girls were awesome and so were the parents!  We got to travel and bond as a team and as a family.  Quite honestly, I don’t know what I would do today without my Phenix family.

It was June, 2004 and we were in a tournament in Winfield, KS.  The first night there we had fun and we were looking forward to the ‘girls’ weekend.  On Saturday, she played 3 games and both she and the team did great.  We had gone out together as a team that Saturday night and it turned out to be very stormy with tornados in the area.  We had called home and she talked to her dad to let him know to keep her animals safe from the storm.  We had gone to bed that night after a wonderful day.

Krystal died the next morning in her sleep.  We never got a true cause of death, just a speculation.  Our lives have and never will be the same without her.  She was an incredible young lady and was so full of life.  She loved her Phenix family and was very close to her teammates.  I am so glad she had the opportunity to play softball and meet so many wonderful friends. 

Thank you Kenny, Theresa & David for all of your support! 

Kylee Jo Mader

August 25, 1992 - June 28, 2012

Kylee Jo left this world at the young age of 19 .  She has been gone almost 3 years, but her spirit will always be alive, especially in the sport of softball.

Kylee Jo’s passion for softball started at the age of 4.  Although she was involved and excelled at many sports, her love of softball and the desire to pitch was in her soul.

She started pitching at the age of 5 and spent countless hours practicing in the backyard, in the gym and on the field.  She was determined to be the best she could be.

Kylee Jo certainly had a passion for softball,  but she also had a love for arts and animals, especially horses.  She volunteered coaching softball and giving pitching lessons and horseback riding lessons to younger girls.

Kylee Jo was a dominate pitcher for Phenix—Finucane and Paola High School where she was awarded the Tri County Pitcher of the year.  When Kylee Jo stepped on the field she gave 110%.

So, as you play the game of fastpitch, strive to play the best you can and give it your all, that is what Kylee Jo would have done.